Wine Bottle Gift Boxes: You Can Buy One, Or You Can Make One


When you give someone a gift, the packaging is part of the gift just as much as the present inside it. Usually one must never judge a book by its cover but from time to time one must and this is one of those times. Wine doesn't begin to taste better when the box it is presented in is nicer and more expensive, of course not, but it does give it that little bit extra.

You can purchase a gift box for wine bottles in all sorts of places, extending from a wine shop you usually visit or a vineyard store. There are numerous colors you can select from and even when it comes to designs and materials you will not run out of choices.

Design or make your own

Are you an artistic person maybe? If you have knowledge with art work and know about designing then why not create your own wine bottle gift box? When the thought of putting a box together has you buying a designer one then buys one that is already created for you? A tip would be to go to your local wine store and purchase a few of the wine boxes that are not ornamented yet, view website here!

You have a wide choice of materials when it comes to gift boxes for one bottle. There are the ones made of wood but also fabric, plastic, cardboard and even metal. Some decorating tips would be to use a wooden one and paint it, maybe with some rustic scenes or a portrait. Another option could be to go 3 dimensional and glue things like flowers or other items on the box.

Even if you're on a budget and you can only by a cardboard wine bottle gift box, you can still paint it to make it more personal and even glue things on it, click to know more!

If you're not only good with design but also with your hands then design the whole gift box from scratch, choose you own material and make something really personal around the bottle of wine you are giving as a present. There are metal containers for wine bottles that you could also use, or perhaps make your own from sheet metal. You may also watch and gather more facts about wine bottles at .

Perhaps you have these wild ideas for a beautiful gift wrapping but are not imaginative enough to make it happen on your own, then you could ask a friend who is a bit skilled to help you out by being the hands to your mind.